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Humanizing health care.

CareSource is nationally recognized for leading the industry in providing member-centric health care coverage, offering managed care plans for Medicaid, Medicare, and the Health Insurance Marketplace in five states. In the last decade, few health insurance companies have grown as dramatically. Through most of that time, The Ohlmann Group has been critical to building and sustaining that growth.

CareSource Stakeholders Report in book and on monitor

Through our long-lasting partnership, The Ohlmann Group has taken lead on nearly every external marketing and advertising campaign for the brand and its associated products. From strategy and research to extensive media planning and coordination, we assure them their message remains focused and on target, even as they continue to grow into new markets during an unprecedented era of growth.

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Comprehensive coverage.

Creatively, we design their billboards, digital ads, print ads, and event materials. We write and produce their television and radio commercials. We strategically plan, implement, and monitor extensive multi-market, multi-platform digital media campaigns. And, we use all of our resources to develop an award-winning Stakeholders Report each year.

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CareSource Medicaid Billboard
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We Are One

CareSource cares about more than their members’ health care. They care about their lives.

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Health Care with Heart

During CareSource’s continued expansion, as they continue to push forward in an uncertain and often volatile health care climate, we continue to expand our own services to provide the stability, sound strategic leadership, and creative skills that they need to make a difference in the lives of its expanding base of members. It’s a responsibility that we welcome with all of our heart.

Thank you for understanding us so well. Thank you for your magical talents. And thank you for telling the CareSource story with so much heart.”

Garry Day - CareSource