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BY: David Bowman ON May 8, 2012
BY: David Bowman ON

Oohhh… I want that. We could all drink water out of a faucet and be perfectly hydrated, but we want...

BY: ON May 7, 2012

Every Monday The Ohlmann Group helps you to get your creative juices flowing for the week by offering up an...

BY: ON May 2, 2012

This year, I have had the honor of being President-Elect for the Public Relations Society of America’s Dayton Area chapter....

BY: David Bowman ON April 30, 2012
BY: David Bowman ON

“You are what you eat.” We hear this phrase throughout life, and the concept is pretty simple. Fill your body...

BY: ON April 29, 2012

This week’s creative brief is based in the Japanese art form of haiku. Haikus are poems. For those who don’t know,...

BY: ON April 27, 2012

Sometimes when advertisers don’t get the results they want, they opt for a quick fix.    The knee-jerk reaction is to...

BY: ON April 25, 2012

Before I entered the glamorous world of big-time advertising agency    moving and shaking, I was a writer and audio...

BY: David Bowman ON April 24, 2012
BY: David Bowman ON

In discussing the unique culture of America, Albert Einstein famously commented that “Life for [the American] is always becoming, never...