Work Crayons to Classrooms

Best in Class

For students to succeed, they must first have the tools to thrive. Crayons to Classrooms is committed to providing those tools to at-risk children in the Greater Dayton Region. By encouraging community donations of school supplies and leveraging supply chain partners, the nonprofit distributes classroom items at no cost to teachers across the Miami Valley.

Despite the organization’s remarkable growth, the Crayons to Classrooms brand had remained unchanged since its founding in 2008. Not only was their visual identity dated, but it didn’t tell their unique story of service. They needed more inspired, sophisticated branding to better match their integrity and commitment to the community. Like their brand, the C2C website was also outdated and provided a challenging experience for its wide range of users, ranging from teachers and students to donors and volunteers.

Doing our homework.

Crayons to Classrooms engaged The Ohlmann Group to create an updated brand and website that reflected the organization’s mission, values, and vision for the future. The rebrand began with an in-depth discovery phase to define the cornerstone attributes of Crayons to Classrooms’ brand and culture: Care, Coordinatation, and Committment.

Those attributes inspired an award-winning contemporary brand mark that illustrated the special layers of meaning and substance of the Crayons to Classrooms story. With a refreshed visual identity in place, we designed and developed a website redesign to truly bring the new Crayons to Classroom brand to life.

The new streamlined website provides clear direction for the client’s diverse audience while inspired messaging and vibrant local photography complement and ADA-compliant design that’s as inclusive and welcoming as the organization itself.

Making the grade.

After a successful rebrand launch, Crayons to Classrooms is now poised to share their compelling story of committed collaboration with multiple stakeholders, helping to ensure equal access for students in our community and fuel their love of learning.

Throughout the entire process, collaboration and partnership with The Ohlmann Group were the driving principles. What made this project so successful from the start were the pre-work exercises, which helped us define our culture and how that work would  ultimately translate into a new brand identity.”

Steve Rubenstein - Crayons to Classrooms