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Ad Age Survey: Brand Awareness Trumps “Likes”

ON July 16, 2012

Ad Age has made the discovery that marketers’ first priority on Facebook is now advocating their brand and increasing brand awareness, rather than trying to increase their “likes” or fans. Ad Age conducted a survey to understand what the main objective of marketers is with their brand’s Facebook pages, and increasing “likes” ended up being in third place. Second place was driving fans back to the brand’s main website. Overall, it is an interesting fact, seeing as increasing “likes” seems like the most obvious objective for any brand or celebrity webpage. However, as pointed out in the article, many brands have already advocated their Facebook pages in such a way to increase their likes for a substantial amount of time. Now, these brands are to the point that they have to do something with the fans that they already have. Another reason why there has been such a shift is because so many in the younger generation are constantly scanning their Facebook newsfeed, even using it as a news source. Rather than paying to advertise on a news page that their fans may not even be on, brands can easily post a picture or a small comment about the brand or current happenings. Not only does this put their brand message out there, it puts the brand name fresh into the fan’s mind.

Read the full article as well as see the full survey results here.

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