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BY: ON October 10, 2013

It really should go without saying that I love me some SEO. The reason behind this is simple: it pays off. While not immediately I’ve found depending on the niche the marketplace it can take between 45-90 days to see the results of your SEO efforts. While there are no guarantees* when it comes to ranking in SEO by using the principles and keeping on top of search engines changes improvement is definitely going to happen.

There are really two types of SEO:


On-Page SEO

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture


Off-Page SEO

  • Links
  • Trust
  • Social
  • Personal

Yet, how does this work into local SEO and better yet what is local SEO? Well, I’m a visual person so hopefully this image will help you understand.


Local SEO

*click for larger image*

Google knows that people are more visual so they now integrate businesses Google Plus Pages. When searching for something as simple as “middletown ohio haunted house” you’ll probably want directions. So, they throw in a map. Interested in one of the results but want to stay on the same page? Click on the image and get the following:

Local SEO Results

*click for larger image*

The benefit of local SEO though? Let’s look at that right side a little more closely

Local SEO Information

*click for larger image*

Not only do you have a link to the directions but as their address – phone – hours (this will change depending on when you are viewing – this post was originally written on Wednesday). That combined with the Reviews and Recent posts only encourages users to learn more about the business.

As I wrap this up go type in your business and see what the results are. Then type in your industry and see where your business is listed. After that give us a call so we can help you.

*if a company does offer SEO and guarantees top ranks – run away…unless they work for Google then send them my way.

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