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Getting Suspended on Google Plus

BY: ON June 20, 2013

When I tell people how I recently was suspended on Google+ the first question I get is, “What’s Google Plus?” – I then point them to the article of “WHY” they need to be on the social media platform.

But I digress.

I recently attempted to merge my Google Plus accounts (Professional + Personal), as in today’s world, there is no true separation. So when the merge was planned, the functionality was extremely limited: one thing I was not ready for. However, the great thing about merging is that Google lets you know when they plan on doing it. Once it happens, you cannot do ANYTHING on your G+ account.

So, I waited…and then this happens.

Google Plus Account Suspended

One of the two words you never want to hear from Google “Suspended” or…”Banned“. Now, suspended isn’t as bad, but could result in banishment. I’m not the kind of person who tries to trick Google or beat them at their own game. The reason? See image above. In a keystroke, they can do anything they want.  So in turn, I play nice.

Yet, in all honesty, when I received this, I freaked. Getting suspended on Google Plus after telling a crowd at a networking event about it two weeks ago didn’t sit too well with me. So, in turn, I decided to try to fix this obviously erroneous error and came across a way to verify I am who I say I am with Names on Google+. The appeal process was fairly painless, lasting less than 24 hours as I am back and posting on Google Plus.


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