Happy Birthday Walter

Walter 85th Birthday-1Today we celebrated a giant of Dayton advertising. Walter Ohlmann, our CEO, has contributed immeasurably to the Ohlmann Group and the city of Dayton; it is only fitting that on his birthday we should give back in a small way. Gathered around the conference table, enjoying pudding and pizza (in that order — deal with it), it is obvious what makes the Ohlmann Group such a special place: the people here care for one another. It’s a culture that started with Walter and extended through our team and on to our clients.

If Walter were simply a strong leader, he would not have brought The Ohlmann Group this far. Walter is one of those rare individuals with the unique ability to inspire leadership in others. The reason is simple. When you have a colleague with Walter’s reputation, it makes you want to be better yourself.

Congratulations Walter, and thank you.


Ian Bowman-Henderson

Ian Bowman-Henderson heads up content marketing for the Ohlmann Group. Ian's responsibilities include copywriting, SEO, social media management, public relations, and event planning

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