Work Hartzell Aviation

A New Brand Takes Flight

Tailwind Technologies, Inc. oversees a diverse and growing portfolio of brands within the aviation industry, including its flagship company, Hartzell Propeller. Although each company operates independently, a lack of alignment and coordination between the brands created marketing inefficiencies and inhibited growth. Moreover, the individual companies weren’t fully leveraging the value of their association with Hartzell’s legacy and reputation in the aviation industry.

The Tailwind team partnered with The Ohlmann Group to create a strategic marketing roadmap and a new, consistent brand architecture to realize greater marketing efficiencies, build a more substantial market presence, and position each of the companies in the portfolio for success.

Flight Plan

The Ohlmann Group team first embarked on an in-depth discovery process, traveling to each company’s headquarters for facility tours, interviews with key stakeholders, and an audit of their current marketing activities. Then, we outlined a strategic plan to establish an umbrella brand that would connect each of the companies in the portfolio with one voice and one vision.

A New Brand, Built On Honor

The Ohlmann Group got to work developing a cohesive brand story and functional architecture for Hartzell Aviation, uniting the family of brands under the Hartzell promise of Built On Honor. In addition to creating the brand identity for Hartzell Aviation, we redesigned the Hartzell Engine Tech brand and introduced another new entity, Hartzell Aerospace Welding, to fit seamlessly within the new organization as a whole and highlight Hartzell Propeller’s heritage with the signature shield mark logo design.

Cleared for Take-off

With Hartzell Aviation set to launch at the world’s largest aviation convention — EAA AirVenture Oshkosh — The Ohlmann Group was also tasked with creating a host of new deliverables for each of the Hartzell brands in a matter of weeks. From website design and development to trade show booth displays, radio and video promotions, social media marketing, blog content, and marketing collateral, we ensured that Hartzell Aviation and each of its brands made a splash with industry leaders, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts alike.

The new brand perfectly encapsulates Hartzell Aviation’s bold passion for aviation innovation, while carrying on our strong history and rich tradition.”

James W. Brown, III - President, Hartzell Aviation