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Making Applesauce Exciting

David Bowman
David Bowman
BY: David Bowman ON December 13, 2011

GoGo Squeez makes applesauce exciting

Imagine for a moment your job was to make applesauce exciting enough for people to talk about.  Yes I said applesauce – a product as basic as basic can be and not exactly something people typically chat about at the water cooler.  Would you be optimistic about your chances of success?  Getting people excited about applesauce seems like an almost impossible task, and yet a company named Materne now has me telling people about their great product, which is…  applesauce.

As someone whose typical day tends to be fairly frenetic, I often find myself either skipping lunch entirely or opting for some terribly unhealthy drive through fast food.  I am always on the go, and the car is not really a great place to store a lunch or keep utensils.  However, common sense dictates that eating is generally a pretty good idea. Hence the dilemma, how does someone who is constantly on the go get enough healthy food to eat during the day?

Enter the GoGo squeeZ – applesauce in a resealable pouch that  you basically consume like a Go-gurt or Capri-Sun.  Squeeze and eat a healthy snack on the go.  I love this product, in spite of the fact that it is considerably more expensive than a cup or jar of the very same smashed up apples.  It takes me about 1.2 seconds to eat, can be stored pretty much anywhere, and is pretty tasty at a wide range of temperatures.  Perfect glove box gourmet fare and proof that if you use creativity, you can find new and innovative ways to make seemingly boring things exciting.

Now factor in that I have kids who occasionally get hungry (and then angry) when the family is out and about running errands, and this product exponentially increases in value to me.  Even better, as someone who enjoys running, this is a nice alternative to carrying packets of unhealthy syrupy sugar around for sustenance on those long training runs.  A simple change in packaging has given me multiple uses for a product that I really had very little interest in before.

The next time you think all the great ideas are taken, think again. Could your product or service really be less exciting on the surface than applesauce?  The GoGo Squeez product proves that creativity can make something as simple as applesauce an exciting, remarkable product.  Imagine what a litte creativity could do for you.

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