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Meghen Welly, SAA Valedictorian, Joins the Ohlmann Group Team

BY: ON May 2, 2014

meghen_welly_photoWhat makes working at The Ohlmann Group such an exceptional experience? There is all the free popcorn you can eat, but what really stands out is the opportunity to work closely with a team of exceedingly talented individuals. Today, we celebrate one more addition to that team. Meghen Welly, a soon-to-be graduate of Dayton’s School of Advertising Art (SAA), has joined us for an externship. We are pleased to welcome Meghen into the world of advertising and marketing.

abbracci1 (1)As you can see from her work (left) Meghen is a talented designer with a bright future ahead of her. She is a an artist at heart, and her course was set when she realized a career in advertising would allow her to work professionally as an artist. Meghen is striving to become a world renowned designer. We have no doubt she will succeed, as she has already made a big impression on the Dayton advertising community. This week Meghen was named valedictorian of her class at SAA, and she has already gotten to work for our design team.

Jim Hausfeld, our Creative Director, had done a mock interview with Meghen prior to her placement at the agency. He had nothing but praise for her when we found out she would be joining our team.

“I feel great that we were able to bring Meghen in to work with our team,” said Jim “She really presented herself well in her interview and comes to us highly recommended from SAA.  It’s going to be a beneficial relationship for both of us.”

Meghen, to her credit, is more interested in getting down to business than talking about herself — a great quality for an individual looking to excel in a field where passion for the work means everything.

“It is cool that i am getting to work on actual design pieces,” said Meghen. “It would be great to create something for a client that they use and will be seen places.”

Meghen is right. The work we do at The Ohlmann Group is cool, and we are happy she is doing that work alongside the rest of the team. Thanks to Meghen for letting us set in motion a career that we are sure will be long and fruitful, and thanks to SAA for sending us such a talented individual.

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