Ad agency first commercial user of new computer

Ask Walt Ohlmann “what’s new?” and he’s quick to reply “9830A”. No, that’s not a code, license number or new address. It’s the new Hewlett-Packard Model Desk-Top Computer system that’s managed to create a lot of excitement around the Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc., firm. Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman has become the first commercial user of the innovative computer in this area, and Walt, executive vice…

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Dayton Art Studio Owner, Employes To Join Penny-Ohlmann Agency

Journal Herald By Brainard Platt (Journal Herald Staff Writer) Ralph Neiman, owner of Ralph Neiman Art Studios, and his employes will join Penny-Ohlmann Advertising , Inc., effective June 15. Neiman becomes a full partner in the agency which will change its name to Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc. He will serve as art director with the corporate title of vice president. Penny is…

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4th Expansion under way for Penny-Ohlmann, Inc.

Robert L. Penny, president of the company located at 1605 N. Main St., said that present expansion is the second in two years at that location. The present expansion, involves the addition of office space for the agency’s copy department. Richards, formerly with Garrison Corp., WING radio and the L. M Berry Co., is in charge of the company’s industrial…

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Prize dividends Paid For Beauty

A $50,000 building renovation at 1605 North Main street has won a special award from the city Beautiful Council for Penny-Ohlmann, Inc. The award was one of six quarterly prizes announced yesterday by the City Beautiful Council. Others went to: Commercial: Winters Bank and Trust company branch office at 633 Wayne Avenue. Industrial: United System corporation, 918 Woodley Road Tax…

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Company Letter

Company letter From Crosley Broadcasting Corporation:   Mr. R.L.Penny President Penny-Ohlmann, Inc. 11, West Monument Building Dayton 2, Ohio   Dear Bob:   We, of course, face the change in your agency name with mixed emotions.   As you know, Walter has been with WLWD for some years; and we have always considered him one of our finest people. So…

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Ohlmann to Be Partner In Penny Ad Agency

Robert Penny, president of Penny & Penny advertising, announced today that Walter Ohlmann of 1701 Newton Ave, will become a partner in the agency effective July 15. The firm, to be known as Penny-Ohlmann, Inc, under a new corporation, is also moving from the 11 W. Monument building to expanded quarters at 323 Salem Ave. Penny retains the title of…

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