Jim Hausfeld

Vice President/Creative Director


As Vice President and Creative Director for The Ohlmann Group, Jim lends his direction to our talented creative department. As a specialist in copywriting and broadcast producing, he also helps guide the vision of the Ohlmann Group’s web, print, and other creative efforts. At the same time, he affirms that our projects run efficiently and are completed on schedule.

Through the years, he’s collected well over 100 local, regional, and national advertising awards, including a National ADDY Award and an International Radio and Production RAP Award.

Before his tenure with The Ohlmann Group, Jim enjoyed a 23-year career in broadcasting and also fronted his own freelance agency, In-Haus Productions.

Jim has been an active member of AAF-Dayton, serving as its President for two terms and as a board member since the mid- 1990’s. He began chairing the club’s annual Hermes Awards in 2000 and has been its event chairperson since. In 2014, he was awarded the national Chic David Award from AAF in recognition for his contributions to the ADDY awards. For his efforts locally to advance the profession of advertising, Jim was awarded the AAF Silver Medal in 2009. He’s served on the boards for The Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio and Better Business Bureau. And once, in a moment of wild abandon, he piloted a blimp.


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