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Clear insight.

Riverain Technologies is a leading provider of deep learning Artificial Intelligence imaging software that helps radiologists in the early detection of lung disease. While their products have been very highly regarded by the radiologists that utilize them, the company lacked the internal capacity to market them properly. They needed a strategic marketing plan to increase awareness, differentiate the company, grow mindshare, and drive significantly more revenue. And then, they would need a refreshed brand identity to help create a longer lasting impression.

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Through an intensive discovery process, The Ohlmann Group would use a marketing audit, competitive audit, industry research, internal interviews, customer interviews, and a senior-leader branding workshop to gain key insights into Riverain and its two primary “ClearRead” product lines. While we found very little brand strategy and marketing strategy in place, we were able to identify substantial opportunities in their competitive space to tell a more human and less-clinical story of the life-changing power of their products.

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Real results for artificial intelligence.

The Ohlmann Group marketing strategy for Riverain would emphasize strengthening the parent brand identity and create a more robust brand story. At the same time, we would elevate the product sub-brands in their messaging hierarchy. We would humanize their entire brand suite, creatively balancing their high-tech prowess with a more personable and emotional hook. The new Riverain logo, featuring an improved corporate logo mark and fresh and friendly color palette, reflects that commitment. Ultimately, The Ohlmann Group’s re-branding efforts for Riverain provided exactly what the Riverain products offer doctors– a clear look deep inside to find what really matters most.

The Ohlmann Group helped us uncover what makes our brand unique and special.”

Emily Stamas - Riverain Technologies