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Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

David Bowman
David Bowman
BY: David Bowman ON April 23, 2013

Should we or shouldn’t we?  I hear a lot of questions that are built around this construct.  Things such as:

  • Should we be on Facebook?
  • Should we launch an email marketing campaign?
  • Should we lower our prices?
  • Should we run ads on television?
  • Should we redesign our website?
  • Should we host an event?

The problem with these questions is that you are only offered 2 options.  Yes or no?  While simple decisions are sometimes easier to make than complex decisions, you need to be careful that your choice of questions doesn’t immediately limit your potential.  To develop successful strategies for marketing, it is important to make sure that you are asking the right questions at the right times.

For example Should you or shouldn’t you be on Facebook? It could be replaced with “What are the most effective channels we can use to communicate with our audiences?”  This can yield a much wider variety of outcomes to choose from.  This will lead you towards an integrated approach to marketing and away from knee jerk decisions based on limited options.

Should you consider your options before making decisions about your marketing?  Yes.

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