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Social Media: Making it Work

ON July 23, 2012

If you have created a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for yourself or your brand, you are already on the right path to social media success. However, in order to really make your social media pages work as far as increasing brand awareness is concerned, there are general rules when it comes to social media edict that can make or break your pages. Here is an infographic thanks to and their article about keeping your social media on track:

Infographic Source:

A couple that I really like are:

  • Don’t remove negative comments- respond appropriately: This is really big when it comes to public relations and dealing with your fans or followers. Removing negative comments can be seen as avoiding the subject or ignoring the disgruntled fan’s opinion, making matters worse. Rather than sweeping the negativity under the rug, respond in a positive manner. This way, not only do you have a chance to fix the issue that the customer has, it shows you are compassionate about them to others.
  • Tweets in afternoon or earlier in week have best chance to achieve high CTR (1pm-3pm): Knowing when to tweet or post is extremely important. If you tweet at random times, you are not going to be hitting your target. Rather, it will get lost in the jumble of their newsfeed when they are searching for the most current happenings. Also, keeping posts before 8pm will make you look more professional.
  • Distribute your blog posts in group pages to drive traffic: Using one of your social media platforms to promote another is a great way to increase a following. Some people who follow you on twitter may not even know you have a blog, or they may have too many friends to keep up with you on Facebook. Spread your happenings far and wide to get the most reach.

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