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What’s New in Digital: Spotlight on Social

Evelyn Ritzi
Communications Specialist
Evelyn Ritzi
BY: Evelyn Ritzi ON December 9, 2020

Another week, another round-up of news and updates from the social media and digital marketing world! Take a look at the latest happenings:

Snapchat launches “Spotlight” feed

In yet another effort to compete with TikTok, Snapchat is launching Spotlight, a new feed within the app featuring “the most entertaining Snaps created by the Snapchat community.” Snapchat says it will distribute more than $1 million every day among the creators selected to be featured on Spotlight. The idea is that paying individuals to make and promote content will attract new creators while keeping passive users entertained on the app. One interesting note: unlike TikTok, Spotlight does not allow for public comments, and most user profiles are private. It seems unlikely that Spotlight will build a robust influencer community à la TikTok.

Instagram tests new FAQ option

Instagram is testing a new option that allows business accounts to highlight common customer questions. Brands can set up four questions and answers in their direct message window. When a user taps on a question, they’ll get an automated answer—no more waiting for a human to respond. With Instagram moving towards the ecommerce space, functions like this should be helpful, especially for direct-to-consumer brands.

Pinterest reports rise in ad revenue

Amid the #StopHateForProfit Facebook boycott and Twitter content moderation drama this summer, many consumer-facing brands migrated to other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and, somewhat surprisingly, Pinterest. With more advertisers on board, Pinterest reported $433 million in ad revenue in the third quarter, a year-over-year increase of 58%.

While Pinterest still lags far behind Facebook in terms of audience size, it offers a unique visual platform with versatile image and video-based ad formats for brands. For consumer-facing brands looking to diversify their strategy, advertising on Pinterest could be worth exploring. But, as always, be careful about abandoning the platforms that are currently working.

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