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Ten ways to have fun in the office this summer

BY: ON June 20, 2012

Welcome to the first day of summer, 2012! Now that we are all grown-ups, sometimes we forget to enjoy this season the way we used to. Just because we work 9-to-5 doesn’t mean that we can’t still have some fun this summer! Here are ten things you can do at work over the next 90 days to make you feel like a kid again.

  1. Throw a party at work. Here at The Ohlmann Group we have a party once a month to celebrate birthdays in that month. A cake is made by our controller and chief cake baker, Kim Gros, and we all gather for cake in the conference room. Not only is the cake delicious, but it also gives us a chance to socialize with one another.  Here are our own Gary Haschart and Mark Bianchi celebrating their recent June birthdays:
  2. Create a piece of art and let people change it. Hang a white board in the kitchen where people can draw, add to what is already there, and get creative.
  3. Casual dress. If you work in a professional setting that requires professional dress, let your hair down a bit in the summer. Of course you could always do casual Fridays, but why not a whole week of casual dress? If you have a short week (such as July 4th) when you’re less likely to meet with a lot of clients, why not let everyone dress casual that week?
  4. Group outing. Of course you could always put together a day to go out and play some golf, go bowling, etc. But that costs the company money. Group outings that won’t cost the boss a dime could be community-oriented. Here at The Ohlmann Group we occasionally get a bunch of us to head down to The Community Blood Center and donate blood together. The cookie/juice party afterwards can be a blast!  Here are our own Shelby Quinlivan and Courtney Stewart donating blood:
  5. Paper airplane contest. The person who made the plane that goes the farthest gets the rest of the day off.
  6. Lunchtime walk. Get a group of people to walk the neighborhood and enjoy the nice weather and fresh air.
  7. Humor bulletin board. Let people post funny comics, news clippings, pictures, etc. Change it out weekly to keep it fresh.
  8. Movie time. Use that projector for some fun, for a change! Maybe every Friday at 3pm, start a movie on the conference room TV or projector. Have popcorn, soda, candy, etc. Could also do for a major TV or sporting event.
  9. Two words: Nerf Basketball.
  10. Picnic lunch. Remember when getting out of the classroom for lunch outside was a big deal. You can do that at the office, too. Have everyone brown bag a lunch and meet together at picnic tables for lunch. Maybe play some games while you are there, too!

Enjoy this summer like you did when you were a kid!  Of course you can’t spend the summer at the pool or running the neighborhood with your friends like you used to, but you should still be able to let your hair down and have a little fun.

It’s important to have fun at work. It increases creativity and productivity. How does your office lighten the mood for summer?

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