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The Creative Brief – 1.30.2012

BY: ON January 30, 2012

This week, The Ohlmann Group is seeking to help you exercise your creative muscle, i.e. that gray matter inside your cranium called your brain, with a little exercise in the grouping of random words.  The creativity exercise works like this:

6 random words are listed below.  Your task is to divide those 6 words into 2 groups of 3 words on some sort of classification or categorization you assign to them.  Then explain the rationale for your decision.


The 6 words, listed alphabetically are: Continent, Cylinder, Mirror, Tail, Thumb, Vinyl.  

Here is an example of how you could group them.


Group 1 – Tail, Thumb, and Continent – These are grouped together because they are things that could be associated with the evolution of the Earth and life forms on it.  The world changed from one large land mass to many continents, some of which have been inhabited by humans for thousands of years, and others which have more recently become populated by human society.  Species throughout time changed where they lived and developed things like tails and thumbs to help them survive.  

Group 2 – Vinyl, Mirror, and Cylinder – These are all things associated with the 1970’s.  Vinyl records were at their apex in the 70’s with LP’s, EP’s, 33’s, and 45’s covering the shelves of plastic shelving units all across America.  The 8 track and cassette were still new, and vinyl was King.  Not only was vinyl awesome, so were things with mirrors.  From small square mirrors of rock bands that you could win for throwing darts at the county fair, to the mirrored disco ball at The United Skates of America, to ultra hip mirrored sunglasses – mirrors were, and still are, groovy.  Finally, there were a lot of things cylindrical in the 70’s.  Examples include beer and soda cans with pull tabs, stacks of those very same vinyl records, Superhero thermoses, and even slinky which shifted from cylinder to spring. 


How would you group these items?  Exercise your creativity and share your thoughts with us… and the rest of the world.

May your week be a creative one.



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