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The Creative Brief: 7.30.2012

BY: ON July 30, 2012

Creativity can be enhanced by time alone to think deeply about ideas and concepts.  The beach is a great place to do just such a thing.  However, what if you were to be stranded on a tropical island with just a few randomly chosen items.  Your creativity would then be essential to your survival – bringing us to this week’s creative challenge:

Imagine you are stranded alone on a tropical island.  Your goals are to get rescued and survive until that happens.  (very Gilligan’s Island, but no Skipper, Professor, Ginger, Marianne, or Millionaire couple to keep you company.)

You have 5 objects at your disposal (chosen randomly) :

  • Piano
  • Toothbrush
  • Handkerchief
  • Gloves
  • Skateboard

Looking at the list, you could just opt to hang out for a a while, play piano and skate.  Let’s assume that eventually you get bored with this and decide to rejoin society. How would you use these five items to ensure that you make it off of the island and back to civilization alive?


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