The Ohlmann Group Creative Brief: 2.20.2012

Once a week, we here at the Ohlmann Group enjoy entertaining you with a little exercise in creativity.  We call it The Creative Brief.  Each week we explore a different exercise in creative thinking in an attempt to get your creative juices flowing for the remainder of the week.   This weeks exercise is about making connections, and should have you exploring the inner reaches of your brain to find the perfect answer.  Of course there is no perfect answer, so just do your best to come up with one that works and have fun.

The exercise goes like this:

Below are 5 words chosen at random.  Your goal is to state the 6th word – the connector.  What one word in the English language is best suited as a connection to all 5 of the others?  This one is wide open for interpretation, so make it your own share your answer with us in the comments.

The Random Words Are:

  • Hammer
  • Corporation
  • Applause
  • Muscle
  • Lunch

The connection is up to you.

Enjoy, create, and have a wonderful week.

The Ohlmann Group


  1. Randall's 2/3 class says:

    people – Tommy and Jaelynn
    energy – Sudeep and Caitlyn
    Olympic Games – Jacob
    Help – Anitra
    Reality Strongest Man Show – Caroline and Kami
    Motivators – Patty
    Thor, MC Hammer – Dakota
    Arm and Hammer – Josh

    • David says:


      Those responses are amazing. You have quite the creative bunch of students. Tell them that if they need a job at a creative marketing agency in about ten years, to please look me up. A bright future is in store for them. Awesome!

  2. Patty says:

    Some are not one word, but a name. 🙂

    Bob the Builder – Elizabeth
    Handy Mandy – Lauren
    Gale from Hunger Games – Kenzi
    Home Depot – Londyn
    Dads – Ana
    WWE Wrestlers – Tanner
    Alex Rider from Alex Rider Series – Tanner
    Office – Julianne
    The Arnold Classic – Matt
    Ty Pennington – Amy
    State Fair Workers – Chloe
    How it’s Made – Annie
    Hammerhead Shark – Katie

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