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The Ohlmann Group Creative Brief: 2.6.2012

BY: ON February 6, 2012

This week’s exercise in creative thinking is about making connections between seemingly unrelated things.  Your task is to take a list of 5 randomly chosen words and connect each one of them to another randomly chosen word.

The 5 words are:  Vote, Knife, Vacation, Statue, Coffee

The connection word is: Promotion


Here is an example of how you might go about solving it:

Vote – In order to win votes from the general public, political candidates are constantly promoting themselves to the world.  

Knife – A great promotion like a great knife requires a certain degree of sharpness and edge in order to cut through the clutter of modern media. 

Vacation – Vacation giveaways are frequently used as part of promotions.  Buy now and receive an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas (where you will have to listen to condo pitches for a weekend) 

Statue – A statue is the ultimate promotion of an individual.  Generally statues are located in a place of historical significance to promote the symbolic impact of a person or idea. 

Coffee – Coffee has the power to increase awareness of those who consume it.  Promotions, when done properly, have the potential to make people more aware of a brand.


How would you connect these words to the word promotion?  Exercise your creativity and find out by playing along.  Make every day a creative day!

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