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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends Great Brands Will Be Watching in 2023

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
BY: Holly Allen ON January 17, 2023

Right now, nearly 5 billion people around the globe are considered “online,” with regular access to the internet. That number makes it impossible for marketers to ignore digital marketing strategies. Mix in digital’s ability to provide highly detailed metrics, and advertisers can’t help but put a heavy emphasis on digital in their annual marketing mix.  

The trade-off is that it’s hard to keep up with this fast-moving landscape if you don’t have a digital marketing partner. We asked the digital marketing experts here at the Ohlmann Group what trends they’re watching for 2023, and how great brands will navigate them.

Data Collection Post-Cookie

The new year will bring with it more focus on user privacy as tech companies phase out the use of cookies to track a user’s online activity. A cookie, or the small bit of code that’s downloaded onto a person’s computer when they visit a website, created concern for people who were creeped out by advertising that felt a little too personal. In response, government leaders stepped in to require consent to collect data from users.

The good news is The Ohlmann Group has been preparing for the end of the cookie, and in 2023, we’ll see tech companies and marketers alike use expanded methods for getting around the disruption.

The Right Approach: Advertisers can still track campaign ROI in an effective way, although some reporting might be slightly delayed. Marketers will want to consider longer campaigns that allow time to truly optimize targeting. Smart brands will also put an emphasis on their own data collection methods, which will allow them to control their own metrics and data usage. Finally, savvy marketers will look for ways to reassure users their brands are concerned with protecting user data in order to maintain positive brand sentiment.

Vertical Video Evolution

In the land of social media, the race to mimic one another has been moving at break-neck speed. Vertical video has proven to be highly successful, and while TikTok was the first to cash in on this format, Facebook and Instagram quickly followed. The Meta companies have heavily marketed Reels, and algorithms now favor short, vertical video on these platforms. Facebook encouraged creators to increase output of reels via monetized contests.

The Right Approach: Video content doesn’t have to be highly polished or incredibly expensive, but it does have to be consistent. Investing in video content is vital for brands to stay in front of users, but many marketers have found they need help to feed the social media beast. Great brands are exploring effective ways to execute a short video strategy that focuses on authenticity and storytelling, not necessarily hard selling.

Upper-Funnel Advertising Metrics

While many digital advertisers look to lower-funnel tactics that can be directly linked to ROI, new tactics will emerge in 2023 to measure the effectiveness of an upper-funnel advertising approach. Upper-funnel advertising strategies include connected TV, streaming audio, and even traditional media, which marketers have typically used for brand awareness because of how difficult it has been to measure direct conversions.

The Right Approach: This year, we’ll see new measurement tactics emerge that might affect how advertisers use these outlets. As an example, advertisers might use survey ads to measure whether people who’ve seen an upper-funnel ad are more likely to recall the brand or have a positive opinion of the brand.

Staying on top of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape is a daunting task. The digital marketing experts at the Ohlmann Group monitor these changes and can guide your advertising strategy to effectively and efficiently meet your business goals. Let’s talk about how we can help!

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