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Top 4 Reasons Video Should Be in Your Marketing Mix

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
BY: Holly Allen ON April 27, 2023

Take a look at your 2023 marketing strategy. Where does video fit in your plan? If it’s not near the top of your content tactics, you’re missing the boat.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons video marketing needs to be a priority for your business.

#1: No Video, No Visibility.

When it comes to content marketing, video is still king. In fact, the effectiveness of video marketing has continued to soar. According to Wyzowl’s annual video marketing survey, 96% of companies see video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

We all know how quickly vertical video burst into our lives with the rise of TikTok. Try as you might, you can’t avoid the content form that splashed into other platforms soon after. Instagram pushed Reels and Stories hard in 2022, and it paid off. Now 91% of Instagram users say they watch videos on that platform weekly. At the same time, YouTube, the second largest social platform behind Facebook, had 210 million viewers in the US in 2022; 2.6 billion users worldwide each month!

The point is, if your brand’s not pushing video content on these platforms, you’re not reaching this massive audience.

#2: Video Gives Your Website an SEO Boost.

We all want our sites at the tip-top of Google searches. Video can help you get closer! Embedding video on your website increases page quality, as well as the time users spend on the page. Google likes to see these indicators, and as a result, your page will be served up to more users in organic search.

Did you know YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world? Engaging YouTube video content is a great way to reach a larger audience, and now that Google displays video results in search, it’s even more important for quality search results.

#3: Video Content Can Easily Be Repurposed.

Unlike many other content types, when your company invests in video, it’s investing in a deep well of content that your marketing team can revisit time and time again.

With a little pre-planning, a single video shoot can return enough content to create several pieces you can plug into your marketing plan for months to come. You could create a long-form piece that’s driven by a narration, and then break it into shorter snippets for social media. Evergreen b-roll can be used in all sorts of projects, including highly stylized shorts set to music or even explainer videos.

When you repurpose your video, you’re stretching your marketing dollar AND your time, all while tapping into the content form that scores the highest engagement rates.

#4: Video is a Powerful Emotional Branding Tool.

Think of your favorite brand. Now toss out a few words that describe how that brand makes you feel. Safe? Warm? Cool? That’s emotional branding.

Emotion is one of the most powerful tools available to a marketer. It speaks to the humanity of your audience and can forge a connection between your company and your customer pool. This connection drives conversions, and, most importantly, loyalty.

Telling stories with video strikes our senses. When done right, can strengthen brand emotion better than any other content form.

Take the Steps to Introduce Video to Your Marketing Strategy

We know there are sometimes barriers to using video in your marketing approach. Nearly half of the marketers who said they aren’t currently utilizing video in their content marketing cited a lack of time or not knowing where to start as their reason.

The good news is Ohlmann Group can help you clear both of those hurdles! Video content doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re curious about how you could work video into your marketing strategy, let’s talk about it!

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