Work Trimbach’s Body Shop

Wreck amended.

In 2013, Trimbach’s Body Shop was already an established family-owned Dayton business with a stellar reputation. But they realized they needed to refresh their brand. Their logo was old, their website was dated and their advertising plan needed better consideration to reach their intended audience. Their combination of strategy, media, and creative needs would become the perfect fit for the capabilities of The Ohlmann Group.

Trimbach's Body Shop home page on tabet

The Ohlmann Group’s new logo for Trimbach’s, modeled on a shiny hood ornament, became the centerpiece of a new “hot-rod” website. We also developed an extensive radio and outdoor media plan that took advantage of their on-the-go audience. But the most striking – and lasting – change we implemented for Trimbach’s was in their brand voice – letting it blossom to show the warmth and good humor of the company itself.

Trimbach's Body Shop home page on computer screen

Smashing success.

To date, we’ve created well over 100 unique billboard designs for Trimbach’s Body Shop, turning funny puns, silly idioms, and clever turns-of-phrases into a wide-spanning iconic outdoor campaign for motorists in Southwest Ohio. Every month, new messages appear that force a grin and spark conversation. Many motorists now even contribute headlines of their own.

Clean and Santa-Tized Trimbach's Billboard
Four Trimbach's Body Shop billboards
Montage of Trimbach's Body Shop billboards

A bang-up job.

Through the years, The Ohlmann Group has created radio and TV commercials for Trimbach’s Body Shop. We’ve animated motion-graphic videos, built a website, and implemented popular digital media campaigns. But, it’s their enduring billboard campaign that has made The Ohlmann Group their dependable and grateful “dents partner.”