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Tuning Your Marketing

David Bowman
David Bowman
BY: David Bowman ON February 20, 2013

Sketch of notesImagine you could get together an all star band of your favorite musicians to put on a concert for you.  The most technically skilled, creatively talented, prolific, amazing musicians you wanted would take the stage and play for you.  That would be pretty amazing right?

Now imagine that prior to taking the stage none of them took 2 minutes to tune their instruments.  Instead they just grabbed them out of their cases and started playing.  Watching, you can see they are playing the right chords and hitting what should be the right notes on a fretboard, but the sounds you hear are painfully awful.

Even the best musicians have to take time to tune.  Being in tune enables them to perform their craft. Professional musicians know that regularly tuning their instruments is critically important.  Professional marketers should know this too.

Take time to check if your message is resonating, if your media is performing, if your products or services are delighting your customers, and if your marketing is tuned to deliver results that are in harmony with your vision for the future.

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