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Welcome Rob Walblay, Media Analyst

BY: ON February 11, 2014

ROB-profileThis week the Ohlmann Group is proud to welcome our new Media Analyst, Rob Walblay.

Media Analysis is a cutting edge role in marketing. Data has always been the backbone of successful agencies, like the Ohlmann Group. Today, however, nearly every aspect of marketing (and life) can be reduced to sums and tables. Having the best marketing strategy is no-longer a platitude or a goal to strive for, it is an absolute which can be quantified.

That is Rob’s role: ensuring the Ohlmann Group provides not only the best marketing strategy in comparison with our competitors, but the literal — mathematical — best possible marketing strategy.

The shift towards a data driven world may not seem so titanic on the surface, partly because the Ohlmann Group has always provided the highest quality of service to our clients, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find it is a complete paradigm shift. It is the difference between Newtonian physics and Quantum physics. In Newton’s time, people knew that when you dropped things they fell and even that laws of physics were unified, universal and quantifiable. On Earth, for instance, gravity accelerates objects at a smooth 9.8m/s2. Newtonian physics, like “old school” marketing strategy, could tell you the result of almost any action with a very high degree of accuracy and a bit of hard work. Modern data analysis, however, can dig into the quarks and bosons of a marketing strategy to tell agencies know not only what to expect, but why they can expect it.

To wrap this metaphor: Media Analysts, like Rob, are the Large Hadron Colliders of marketing, and they are turning the world on its head.

With Rob’s help, the agency can become more accountable to clients by offering greater degrees of transparency and education. Over time, Rob’s work can uncover patterns, formulas and strategies which empower the Ohlmann Group to do things other agency’s might call impossible. These strategies (if you will indulge me once more) are like the Warp Drives and Quantum Computers of marketing  — total game changers.

Rob Walblay is here to create the future.


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