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What’s New in Digital: Following Up

Evelyn Ritzi
Communications Specialist
Evelyn Ritzi
BY: Evelyn Ritzi ON January 28, 2021

We’re here to help you stay updated on the latest news and trends in social media and digital marketing. Take a look at what’s new in digital this week:

Facebook launches new Page layout for public figures

This month, Facebook introduced a new, streamlined Page layout for verified creators and public figures. One of the biggest changes is that Facebook has removed the “Like” button and emphasized the “Follow” button instead.

Following a page allows a user to be alerted to most, if not all, new updates posted by a Page. With this change, many users will now receive more notifications than before. While this update may show the “true fans,” a Page could end up losing supporters who don’t want a lot of updates.

For now, the new Page layout is only available for public figures, but there’s a good chance it will eventually roll out to all Facebook Pages in the near future. We’ll follow up with any updates in the meantime!

Social media spending is on the rise

At the peak of the 2020 holiday season, worldwide spending on social media advertising increased by a whopping 50.3% compared to the same time in 2019. In North America, social media ad spending increased by 92.3% year-over-year in Q4 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many advertisers doubled down on digital advertising as consumers began spending more time online. Social media advertising was able to demonstrate a positive return on ad spend, particularly for e-commerce. This was especially important in 2020, when shoppers were more likely to shop online rather than in stores.

With the popularity of social media advertising on the rise, now could be the time to explore the potential advantages for your brand. (We’re happy to help!)

All eyes on AR

Augmented reality (AR) is taking center stage in 2021 as major tech companies take steps towards releasing new AR wearables. Facebook’s Project Aria smart glasses are expected to debut in 2021 and will “combine innovative technology with fashion-forward style and help people better connect with friends and family.” Apple is also rumored to be releasing an AR device in 2021. (iPhones and iPads already have augmented reality features.)

As with any new tech, it is uncertain how various consumer AR products will perform. Many devices have fallen flat over recent years. Nevertheless, AR is certainly something for digital marketers to keep tabs on. Emerging tech will no doubt provide unique, engaging, and creative opportunities for storytelling through advertising. 

Do you have questions about any of these updates and what they could mean for your business? Drop us a note or send us a message on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Our digital media team is always happy to chat about strategies to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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