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What’s New in Digital: When TikTok Stars Save the Day

Evelyn Ritzi
Communications Specialist
Evelyn Ritzi
BY: Evelyn Ritzi ON November 11, 2020

Every week, our digital media team gathers the most interesting news and trends in the digital marketing world and summarizes them so you can stay up to date! Check out what’s new in digital this week:

Facebook tests motion effects on still images

Facebook is testing two new visual effects tools for still image uploads: ‘Layout’ and ‘Motion.’ Layout was introduced this summer. It allows users to choose different presentation styles for multi-image posts and add a collage-like feel to image uploads. Motion is the newest option, which adds basic video-like movements like zoom or focus to static images. Experimenting with these new effects could be a great way to make still images more eye-catching and engaging, especially when it comes to product visuals.

Google to add new performance metrics for search ranking

Google announced it will start factoring in a website’s page speed (load time), responsiveness, and visual stability when ranking search results. These performance metrics are in addition to the factors Google already uses to rank websites, like mobile-responsiveness, safe browsing, and HTTPS-security. Google says these metrics reflect the quality of the end user’s experience, especially on mobile devices. These changes take effect in May 2021, so now a great time to take a closer look at your website and identify areas for improvement. (We can help!)

TikTok ban blocked…for now

A group of TikTok creators successfully argued in court against the restrictions that would have blocked TikTok from operating in the U.S. on November 12. The TikTok stars claimed that they would lose their following—and livelihoods—in the event of a ban. On October 30, a federal judge in Pennsylvania granted a temporary halting of the restrictions, so it appears that TikTok is safe, at least for now.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen how headlines tend to exaggerate actual effects and changes in social media, even when supposed bans are announced. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest developments surrounding TikTok and the ever-changing social media landscape.

If you have questions about any of these updates and what they could mean for your business, drop us a line or reach out on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Our digital media team is always happy to chat about strategies that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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