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Where is the love?

David Bowman
David Bowman
BY: David Bowman ON November 15, 2011

where is the love?Do you love your customers? Really truly love your customers?  Can you prove it?

Most companies claim to love their customers, but when reviewing their actions, it is often difficult to determine exactly how they demonstrate that love.

As Stephen Covey so aptly deduced, “love is a verb.”  Love is about action.  Which begs the question “How are you actively loving your customers?”

On a basic level, love is about trust.  Are you making good on your promises?  Is your brand living up to the sales pitch?  Is your firm showing your customers you love them by meeting the obligations you have committed to?

On another level, love is about surprise, romance, and adoration.  What are you doing to go above the expected to make your customers feel special?  Zappos is the master of customer love – doing things like periodically surprising customers by upgrading them to VIP overnight shipping at no charge.  This simple act costs them a few bucks, but clearly demonstrates love.  Yes, money can buy you love…

In a world that is connected and driven by word of mouth marketing and social media, a world where there is constant competition for attention and customer relationships, a world where the consumer is empowered with a powerful voice and an abundance of choice – a little love can go a long way.

Want my business?  Want me to love your brand?  Start by showing me some love.

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