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Gaining interest.

Wright-Patt Credit Union is Ohio’s largest member-owned credit union with nearly 400,000 members spread across Southwest and Central Ohio. Despite being one of the 50th largest credit unions in the United States known for award-winning customer service, their website provided an unusually poor user experience. It would need to be re-invented from top to bottom and front to back.

Wright-Patt Credit Union website screenshots

First, the Ohlmann Group helped collect and compile feedback from key stakeholders, members, and employees to help define the most important content in the website. We condensed over 300 pages of content to 100. From there, we re-designed the site, keeping user experience as our guiding light, taking extra care to assure that the new website met proper criteria to be ADA-compliant and fully accessible to everyone.

Wright-Patt Credit Union mobile web screenshots
Wright-Patt Credit Union mobile ad
Wright-Patt Credit Union website screenshots

Making life a little easier.

Wright-Patt Credit Union campaigns feature real members’ and real solutions from people who care.

A diversified portfolio.

The Wright-Patt Credit Union web design and rebuild was part of a much larger scale re-brand of all WPCU marketing materials. From creating a new brand guidelines book to completely re-invigorating the look and voice of their advertising, The Ohlmann Group helped build a new brand that is finally on par with the stellar reputation of the organization itself.

Wright-Patt Credit Union brand book
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Wright-Patt Credit Union Annual Report cover

The Ohlmann Group is collaborative, quick to respond, agile in strategy and open to changing course when needed. They are willing to do what it takes to hit the mark. They get branding and customer engagement!”

Tracy Szarzi-Fors - Wright-Patt Credit Union