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Vice President of Creative Services
BY: ON April 25, 2012

Ohlmann Group Audio ProductionBefore I entered the glamorous world of big-time advertising agency    moving and shaking, I was a writer and audio producer by trade.  For 23 years, I made my living creating anything on the radio that wasn’t live.

From commercials, promos, and sweepers to interviews and long form documentaries, I estimate that I’ve created around 50,000 pieces of audio.  Or maybe 100,000.  Who’s gonna audit a number like that?

The point is…Man, I love creating audio!

So, when I stepped into my role as Creative Director here at The Ohlmann Group earlier this year, I was thrilled to learn that the next step in this agency’s renaissance would be rebuilding our audio production studio.  Now, after three months of watching the rest of my creative team flaunt their considerable skills in graphic design and web development, I finally have my own artistic space.

The Ohlmann Group Audio Studio is officially open for business.

The beauty of audio production is that we can create the same quality of product here from a small studio in Dayton as they do in large rooms in New York, Nashville or L.A at a much more affordable price.   While consumers can easily identify video produced on a budget, it’s difficult to make that distinction when listening to similar pieces of audio.

We’ve got a great room, quality gear, and a top-of-the-line digital workstation to make the magic happen.   And, whether you want to record commercials, industrial narration or just funny armpit noises with your hands, we’re glad to accommodate.   I’m looking forward to starting the first of my next 100,000 projects today.


Jim has won nearly 100 awards for audio production, including AAF-Dayton’s Hermes Award for Radio Advertising for the last 14 years, and numerous Mercury Awards for Best Sound Production Company.   Drop him a note if you’d like to put his talents to work for you.






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