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MVCTC Adult Education: Building the Brand. Then, Building the Website.

Vice President of Creative Services
BY: ON April 27, 2012

Sometimes when advertisers don’t get the results they want, they opt for a quick fix.    The knee-jerk reaction is to change creative.

But, at The Ohlmann Group, we do our most gratifying work when a client realizes that a much harder job is in order.   We’ve had the privilege of working closely with Miami Valley Career Technology Center for years.   So, when they came to us recently with the challenge of re-invigorating their Adult Education brand, we rolled up our sleeves, they rolled up their sleeves, and both parties dug deep into the learning about the essence of the MVCTC Adult Ed brand.

Then, only after the stakeholder meetings and only after the client surveys, and only after the strategy sessions, and only after the media research, did we finally put our creative team to work.

This, frankly, is how we roll.

Compelling creative driven by substantiated market strategy.

Read the MVCTC Adult Education Case Study here.

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