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Convenience: Your Business At Their Fingertips

BY: ON February 22, 2012

Immediate need. As soon as possible. Freaky fast. There is a standard of convenience with everything nowadays; ordering lunch via an app on your smartphone, expecting immediate responses on emails and text messages, Facebook reminding you about friend’s birthdays and your anniversary. What is your business doing to give potential consumers convenience?

Over the holiday season, the Salvation Army went digital after recognizing that not as many people carry cash and change to make their red kettles jingle, adding the possibility of donating through the mobile app Square as well as having the original bell ringers at your local convenience store.

Drive thru open

This morning, I was intrigued by an article in the USA Today about more than 70 Episcopal parishes in 18 states offering “Ashes to Go” today, Ash Wednesday. The opportunity to receive ashes at bus stops and local landmarks is now available. There is a website and even a Facebook page with location listings and photos for this movement.

Are your products available for purchase online? If you join Etsy, they could be. Have you added your restaurant to OpenTable so people can make reservations on their phones? Put your photography on Pinterest for the world to pin your portraits?

Simple steps can open your business up to a whole new audience. It’s just a matter of convenience.

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