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The Ohlmann Group Creative Brief: 2.27.2012

BY: ON February 27, 2012

Here at The Ohlmann Group, we love to create.  Creativity is a skill, and like nearly all skills, it is something that you can develop through focused effort and consistent practice.  Our hope is that the world becomes a more creative place, and so once a week we attempt to further that cause with The Ohlmann Group Creative Brief – a short exercise in creativity.

This week’s exercise is about finding creativity in opposites. It is often said that opposites attract.  Let’s see if this week’s exercise in opposites can attract you to create a response to our puzzle? Here is how it works:

The following four words have been chosen randomly.  Your assignment is to pick two of the four words that you believe to be opposite and explain the basis for your choice?  Start with four, narrow to two opposites, and tell us why.

Random Words:

  • magician
  • storm
  • spine
  • hook

On your marks, get set, create!


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