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5 Essential Components of a Press Release

Evelyn Ritzi
Communications Specialist
Evelyn Ritzi
BY: Evelyn Ritzi ON April 10, 2018

Press releases are one of the most effective ways to generate “buzz” about your brand. But did you know that your release could do more than just share company updates?

Press releases can (and should) be part of a greater public relations strategy to foster better media relationships, engage with other businesses or clients, and increase visits to your website. Before you write and distribute your next press release, make certain it isn’t missing any of these key components.

Newsworthy information or announcements

First and foremost, a great press release must contain newsworthy information that fits the publication you’re pitching. Try to envision how the journalist will use your release in a story that’s well suited for their readers and the publication as a whole. In the end, not every press release will be deemed newsworthy enough to be picked up by the media. However, you should still spread the word about your announcement on your website, on social media, or in an e-newsletter.

Include quotes for added credibility

No press release is complete without at least one good quote for support. Quotes often need to act as a sound bite for the entire release and make your announcement more exciting and memorable. Start by including a relevant quote from a representative that journalists can easily use to fill out their story. Make sure all quotes include context and sound as natural as possible. Finally, consider adding additional quotes from a third party source such as a community leader or industry expert to add more depth and credibility to your release.

Relevant links

Press releases should be as concise as possible, ideally restricted to just one page of information. As a result, your release might not always have the space to include additional information that supplements your narrative. If this is the case, consider adding hyperlinks or plain-text URLs to direct journalists to information on your website, supporting articles, or even past releases. Your release should also include a clear call to action link to your brand’s homepage in the boilerplate of the press release.

Reinforce with multimedia

Multimedia assets such as company logos, photographs of company leaders, products, or employees, infographics, or even videos add an engaging visual element to your release. Use strong visuals to better illustrate your story and give your release an advantage.

Share on social media

Finally, don’t forget to share your release on your company’s social media platforms. Shares, likes, and retweets can increase the impact of your press release and help you reach a wider audience. Many journalists also use social media to find stories and may pick up your release after it gains traction online.

A carefully crafted press release is a vital tool to keep your brand image strong and build your reputation. Are you making the most of your brand’s press releases?

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