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Find Your Greatness.

BY: ON August 15, 2012

I am EXTREMELY impressed with Nike‘s new campaign, “Find Your Greatness”. If you haven’t seen any of its new spots, here’s my personal favorite: Nike – Find Your Greatness – Jogger.

Nathan Sorrell, 12, thanks to his personal Facebook page.

Why is this spot my favorite? Beyond it’s empowering inspiration, according to USAToday’s article, Nathan Sorrell, the boy from the ad, is actually from London, Ohio. Standing at 5’3″, the 12 year old has hit 200 lbs. This is extremely impacting due to the health state that this nation, as a whole, is currently in. The spot has received some flack in saying that the ad “exploited” Nathan and no 12-year-old needs that much pressure put onto his body shape, but the public has spoken otherwise. You can see within the comments that many are inspired by his story and that you have to start somewhere. In addition, according to different sources, including ABCNews’ article, Nathan as well as his mother are taking this as an opportunity to change their health, and there is talk that Nike plans on doing a follow-up ad showing his progress.

With the swarm of incredible athletes that surrounds the Olympics, Nike (who wasn’t even an official sponsor this year) strayed a different direction and stood out amongst the crowd. It spoke to the general public and called them to the action of finding their own greatness, whatever it may be. Beyond that, it got people talking, and it seems that many are inspired to get moving. Great work on inspiring other’s greatness, Nike.

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