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Should I Be On The Internet???

BY: ON August 17, 2012

Seems like a silly question now, doesn’t it? But, surprisingly, this message has been around longer than we may realize. More importantly, it was recognized by 5th graders.

Check out this video that I found, thanks to AdFreek on AdWeek. This group of 5th graders back in ’95 made this public service announcement as to why you should be on the internet. Everything from “connecting with a friend in Australia” to “finding a recipe for cat cupcakes” (couldn’t have made that up if I tried.)

It completely blows my mind that the premise behind the Internet is essentially the same. Granted, the ideas behind it have greatly evolved (for the better as well as for the worse). But, the fact that they guessed how many functions it would actually end up taking over is pretty incredible. Take a watch, giggle at the 90’s fashion, then realize how spot-on they actually are.


5th graders who are promoting the Internet, thanks to the Youtube video

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