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BY: ON August 10, 2012

It’s Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I’m as happy as Buttermilk in this video: “Buttermilk ‘Plays’ With Her ‘Friends'”!

On the social media front, Instagram is a newer social media platform that allows users to upload pictures of everday life, with popular themes such as food, sunsets, nature settings or fashion. However, many brands do not realize the potential that Instagram has for branding and marketing. Here are some great links to help get your instagram started as well as the proper way to use it, and brands that have really got it right:


In other fun news…

If you are a superhero fanatic like I am, you’ll love what the Dayton Art Institute has going on! All summer long, they have an exhibit called You Are My Superhero. This event is all about superheroes and the drawings behind them. In addition, tonight, The Dayton Art Institute has an event called Costume-Con. Bringing your own materials, the event is all about helping create your own superhero costumes! It’s a great way to have arts and crafts time with your family. On the site, they tell you the required materials to make each part of the costume.

Have a Fun Weekend!


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