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The Creative Brief: Not Like the Others

BY: ON August 13, 2012

The Creative Brief is a weekly creativity exercise shared with you by The Ohlmann Group. This week’s exercise is about grouping. Creating groups of items requires you to use pattern recognition skills to identify perceived similarities between things. This is a critical aspect of human creativity, and something that can be very helpful to any creative professional. The exercise is simple. Below are five randomly chosen words. Your job is to figure out which one of the five is not like the others and explain why.

The five words are:

– Gym
– River
– Fireworks
– Chisel
– Sale

There is no “right” answer, so take a look, go with your gut, and choose the one of these things that’s not like the others.

For more fun, try doing it again with another word.
For even more of a challenge, try to do it with each one of them.

Enjoy, create, and good luck!

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