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Inaugural AAF Pinewood Derby

BY: Jason Hart ON November 30, 2012

Last night saw the first ever Dayton AAF Pinewood Derby, in which full-grown creative-types gathered to rekindle childhood dreams of success and fame among peers.

Tasked with creating pinewood derby cars judged on speed, concept, creativity, and craftsmanship, the Art Department of The Ohlmann Group rose to the challenge with three entries: Andy Kittles’ Kauhuhu the Shark God, Gary Haschart’s Ohlmann 63, and Jason Hart’s Never Odd Or Even.

Many an hour were spent in the Ohlmann garage, whittling away at the porous pinewood to reveal the artistic visions within. Hammers rang out, driving nail axles through plastic wheels. Mouses clicked with the sounds of design work being done, and done well. Fingers accustomed to keyboards now sanded, sawed, painted, glued, pounded, crunched. Eventually, the time for production was ended, and the race night neared…

At the Starting LineAt The School Of Advertising Art was the event held, and many a racer did turn out. Amidst that crafty crowd of Batmobiles, Big Butter Jesus, and Bomb Shell Barbie racers – Kauhuhu the Shark God drove straight and true, nabbing a hard-won third place in the overall track races! Huzzah!

Overall, the night was declared a great success. The Ohlmann racers, weary from track battle, surely laid heads to pillows thinking of the good times had, the hard losses, the moments of victory, new friends made, and the spray mount glue that takes days to wash off the fingers.

For more photos from that fateful night, just click ye here.

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