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Is Your Social Media Strategy Keeping Up?

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
BY: Holly Allen ON February 10, 2023

Social media marketing is like sprinting in a foot race on a path you can’t see. The definition of success keeps changing and so do the rules. It’s enough to drive you mad.

So how many unseen hurdles lie ahead in this year’s social media rat race? Just a few. Here’s what we predict.

Social Strategies for Customer Service

We’ll continue to see social media grow as a method of customer brand impression beyond the content you’re sharing. This is true especially in the B2C world. Customers expect to be able to contact you the same way they talk with their friends: via social media. And they want answers immediately, so don’t leave their DMs sitting in a black hole. Make sure customer communication via social is simple, quick, and easy.

If your business doesn’t have a 24/7 plan in place for customer service, you’ll definitely want to set up an automatic reply detailing next steps. Facebook has offered this option for many years, but Meta has now expanded similar functionality to Instagram in order to give account managers a break. IG’s new “Quiet Mode,” introduced in early 2023, will notify users when you’re offline and allow you to enable an auto-responder to DMs.

Video vs. Photos

We’ve heard that video is king for several years now, and that isn’t necessarily changing – it’s just continuing to evolve. TikTok changed the game with its short vertical videos, and its success pushed other platforms to emphasize the same. However, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently admitted the platform put too much emphasis on Reels in 2022. IG will refocus on photos in 2023; a strategy to differentiate itself from TikTok. Mosseri said users like and comment on photos and videos equally, which, “is a good sign that things are balanced,” he said.

Does that mean video is losing its luster? We don’t think so. Despite being among the newest social platforms, and despite recent headlines, TikTok has continued to explode. It’s the fastest growing social channel EVER.

They say imitation is a form of flattery. YouTube introduced Shorts in 2020, and has seen some success, but the platform doubled down this year when it announced aggressive creator monetization for Shorts. It’s too early to tell if this will drive more creators and users to the platform, but it’s clear that being on top in the short video game is a prize every platform is after, so marketers should take note when it comes to their social strategy.

Good Storytelling is Always Consistent

The good news is that despite all these changes in the social landscape, the foundation of all content creation remains the same. Good storytelling is good storytelling. When you think about creating owned marketing content, fall back on the basics: Emotions. It’s what makes humans human. If your content can tease out a tear, a chuckle, a smile or a lightbulb, it’s going to get attention and add personality to your brand.

Keep that in mind, and if you need a little help with content creation or social strategy, the team at The Ohlmann Group is standing by – let’s talk!

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