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Marketing Resolutions Checkup: Are You Sticking to Your Strategy?

BY: Kameron Hurley ON February 16, 2016

It’s been nearly two months now since we all came up with our New Year’s resolutions – both personally and professionally. But as we all know, life happens, and it’s easy to fall back into our old routines.  How well is your business sticking to its strategy? Here are some tips to get you back on track.

“No” is not a dirty word.  Reactive marketing happens: Your competitor launched a big glossy campaign and sales wants you to stop what you’re doing and make one just like it; your CEO really wants the website to feature an interactive profile of her parakeet.  In these situations, saying “no” and explaining the strategic reasons for doing so can pay off in spades. Sure, at the end of the day, those above you may insist on going against the plan anyway, but at least you’ll have the knowledge, peace of mind (and record) to show that you were doing your diligence in trying to keep everyone on track.

Circle the wagons.  Is everyone on your team still on the same page? Sometimes you need to call together your team, your agency, and your stakeholders again and go over your plans for the year to ensure that you’re on track. Certainly, marketing plans and initiatives can be changed based on new information, but be sure that you’re making changes based on solid information and not because of miscommunication. The busier we are, the tougher it can be to stay focused on the future.

Speaking of the future…

Stay future-focused. When you circle around with your team, ensure that you aren’t just looking back to what’s been done or focusing only on what’s in process and what your competitors are doing right now, but take the time to set yourselves up for the future. What’s coming down the pipe? Are their obstacles that you see ahead? We are, by nature, creatures of the moment, and it can be difficult to focus on and plan for the future. But studies have shown that those of us with a greater ability to delay instant gratification and focus on long-term goals end up being more successful in the end.

So, there you have it – a couple of tips to help you get your marketing strategy back on track. Be sure to check in with your team once a month to go over what’s been done, what’s in process, and what’s on the horizon to keep you all focused on your strategy for marketing success.

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