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BY: ON May 16, 2012

It’s always interesting to hear how people heard of an event that I have worked on the publicity for. Did you see it in the newspaper article? Get an invite on Facebook? Hear the ad on a local radio station? Twitter post? An online event calendar perhaps? Get a postcard about it? Actual word of mouth even?

How do you receive your messaging with all of the technology, distractions and ‘noise’ that surrounds us? What makes an event stand out to you in the midst of all that?

We have some awesome events here in Dayton coming up – Fleurs en Vin this Sunday, all of the festivals at Riverscape this summer, the Downtown Dayton Revival concert in September, not to mention a few great non-profit events including mud volleyball and Clambake for Kid’s Sake. Have you heard about all of them? How?

Need some help with getting your message through and your event a success? Give me a call, we’ll make it swarm. (Foursquare reference intended)

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