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Technology Leads to Public Accountability?

BY: ON March 7, 2012

I remember being excited when cell phones started to have cameras. Two megapixels, at most, but still a whole new dimension to this technology that I carry around in my purse/pocket every day. Then they upped the MP’s and added video, voice recording, web browsing, texting, and more. My mind was blown – all this in one small device I can take everywhere. I found myself taking more photos, more videos, documenting life in many more ways than before.

All of this technology being so handy makes public relations all the more relevant Рthere have been posted videos of fast food employees doing indescribable things while at work; delivery service workers throwing packages carelessly at doors, mobile sites like Yelp that you can upload photos of your restaurant food on the spot, websites dedicated to documenting unfortunate outfits and the always available Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that you can share whatever might be in front of you at the moment with your closest and dearest. The public eye is now everywhere, and holding companies and individuals accountable. baseball announcer asleep on the job

A recent article about a professional golfer and his less than desirable habit of spitting caught my attention Рhis golf game was no longer the topic of conversation on press row; instead, he took to his Twitter to apologize for his habit. This was a good move in the crisis communication realm; acknowledging the issue immediately, taking responsibility and getting back to his golf game. But remember that this article, along with video and photos, will always be available thanks to the mighty Internet.

So what is your company crisis communication plan? With ever advancing technology, I highly recommend you have one in place before you have to handle an incident that could change the way people view your business.

And, watch what you wear at Wal-mart. No zoomba pants allowed.

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