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The Creative Brief – 1.16.2012

BY: ON January 16, 2012

For this week’s creative brief we focus on simplification.  How can one thing make another thing simpler, easier, and well… better.  Simply choose one word from list 2 and explain how it could simplify and improve one of the items in list # 1.  Simple right?


List # 1

  • Airport
  • Swimming
  • Accounting
List # 2
  • Voting
  • Compass
  • Orchestra

Example – An orchestra is led by a conductor and consists of many members who follow a set of principles (music) and the direction of a leader (maestro).  By thinking of an airport as an orchestra would, one could chart out a course of action that would be delivered with the plane tickets.  Detailed instructions that could be followed with well marked paths from parking to the desired gate delivered at point of purchase.  Then there could be designated representatives (maestros), who could assist you in being at the right place at the right time.  They could help by pre-screening you for your walk through security, helping you to understand delays, and communicating with those who may be awaiting your arrival should your flight be delayed.  This would eliminate some of the stress associated with flying.

What do you think?  How could the ideas of voting, a compass, or an orchestra simplify the airport, swimming, or accounting.

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