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BY: ON January 12, 2012

We’re excited to welcome Jim Hausfeld to The Ohlmann Group as our new Creative Director.

Jim Hausfeld Creative Director at The Ohlmann Group

In between meetings, learning the world of a MacBookPro and pondering how to decorate his office, he answered a few questions about where he’s been and where he’s looking to go with The Ohlmann Group.

What is your work background?

I’m coming off a 23-year stint as Creative Services Director for Clear Channel Dayton. I was hired for an interim position back in 1988 and just kept coming back.   For most of that time, I also fronted my own freelance writing and production company, In-Haus Creative.

How did you get started in the communications field?

When I was 16, I started working at WCSM Radio in Celina, OH.   I began by engineering the Sunday morning long-form religious shows, until finally working my way up to hosting radio bingo!   Great people, great times. Then, it was on to Ohio University and my eventual first job at WTUE and WONE Radio.   I was hired to replace their full-time Production Director who they moved to the morning show.   His name was Christopher.   His co-host was Kerrigan.   You’re welcome, Dayton.

What made you decide to make the switch to agency life with the Ohlmann Group?

I really love radio and the people in radio, especially my friends at Clear Channel.  But, as I started doing more freelance work, I collaborated with almost every agency in town.   I really enjoyed flexing my creative muscles outside of one medium.   This move to The Ohlmann Group was the “perfect storm” of opportunity, motivation, and sheer dumb luck.   I’m having a blast!

What’s your take on the future of marketing?

I’m living it right here.  Interactive, integrated, and agile.

How do you go about the creative process with a new project?

No matter what the project…no matter what the medium…it all starts with The Message. I enjoy meeting new clients and learning about this business or service that’s a passion of theirs. Everyone has a story. Everyone is special. And once I zero in on their message, everything else just falls into place.

Jim Hausfeld joking around with Jason Hart

What’s your favorite ad campaign in the last 10 years?

It’s been a mentally grueling first week and I’m not even sure where my car keys are right now, so I’ll just give you my favorite recent one.   The Allstate Mayhem campaign is brilliant.   I never tire of it.

What is your goal for the Ohlmann Group in 2012?

There has been such a genuine transformation here over the last few years. A real energy in the hallways. And, coming off such a successful 2011, I’m certain that we’re poised for continued growth in 2012. My goal is to not screw that up.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy every second I share with my wife Lisa, my two kids Mitch and Katie, and Bob the blind bassett hound.   Give me some music, a campfire, and the company of long-time friends, and I’m good.

Jim Hausfeld Playing Ping Pong with the team

You have a strong relationship with AAF — what benefits have you seen from that group of communicators?

Yeah, I’ve been involved with AAF-Dayton for years now and I think it’s my 10th year of chairing The Hermes Awards.   To put in simply, I owe my career to them.   Years ago, my friend Sara (McCatherine) coaxed me out of my studio to attend a meeting, and in the time since, I have met the absolute best people in the world.  Advertising is sometimes portrayed as a ruthlessly competitive and brutal profession.  My experience has been nothing of the sort.  There’s a great camaraderie in the profession and AAF-Dayton is a terrific networking channel.   I shudder to think that I’d still be in my padded room, had it not been for that first meeting.

What do you attribute your past success, with the numerous awards you have received, to?

Did I mention I’m the chairperson for the Hermes Awards?

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