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The Creative Brief – 1.9.2012

BY: ON January 9, 2012

This week we are kicking off a new experiment here at The Ohlmann Group with a project we are affectionately calling The Creative Brief.  Every Monday we will publish a short creative exercise, offer our take on it, and ask you to play along and be creative.  Our hope is to sharpen our own creative skills while having some fun with our reader and friends.  We encourage you to explore your creativity and share your answers to our weekly workout.

This week’s Creative Brief:

Below, we have provided 5 attributes and a list of 5 random words.  Your job is to connect each attribute to a random word and explain your choice.  You can only use each random word and each attribute once, so there should be no duplicate choices.

The Attributes are:

  • Most Useful
  • Most Expensive
  • Least Appealing
  • Most Deadly
  • Most Unique
The Random Words are:
  • Ice Cream
  • Zoo
  • King
  • Door
  • Pencil


Example Solution: 

The Most Useful – Pencil because you can communicate ideas and thoughts with others.

The Most Expensive – Zoo because of the cost of maintenance, staff, and caring for the animals.

The Most Deadly – King – Off with your head is far too easy for an angry king to order.  “Thank you Founding Fathers!”

The Least Appealing – Door because, well… it’s a door.  One of the many things that I have to have, but really don’t care about, until it breaks that is.

Most Unique – Ice Cream.  Baskin Robbins used to have only 31 flavors.  Now they have thousands.  Greaters black raspberry chocolate chip for me please!

What would you connect and why?

*This exercise inspired by Edward De Bono’s book Creativity Workout, and exceptional book should you want to play the home game.

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