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The Creative Brief: 3.26.2012

BY: ON March 26, 2012

Marketing is all about creative story telling. The ability to craft an interesting, genuine narrative that captures the imagination of an audience and is able to be effectively retold by others is a vital part of building a brand.  So for this week’s creativity exercise we will focus on telling a story.

Tell Me A Story: Use the five random words listed below to tell a story.  You can use the words in any order you like.  These words should represent key details in a short story that has a beginning, a build-up, a climax, and a conclusion.  Mix in a plot twist or two should you really get in the groove.  The five random words are listed as follows:

  • emerald
  • beach
  • grade
  • chimp
  • supplies

Once you have crafted your story, we welcome you to share it with us in the comments.  Need help crafting the story of your brand?  Contact The Ohlmann Group team and we will get to work on helping you craft a memorable story for your business.  On behalf of everyone at The Ohlmann Group, make your week a creative one!

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