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The Creative Brief: 4.16.2012

BY: ON April 16, 2012

Creative thinking is valuable.  Unbeknownst to many is that Creativity is a skill that can be developed.  In an effort to keep our own creative skills sharp and help you build your, we publish The Creative Brief each and every Monday.  We invite you to play along at home (or work – we won’t tell.)  This week’s creativity exercise from The Ohlmann Group is about leaving something out.  The exercise is called Odd Man Out and goes like this:

Below is a list of 4 randomly chosen words.  Choose the one word that, in your opinion, does not fit with the other three and then explain why.

The random words are:

  • Salt
  • Tea
  • Poison
  • Volcano

So for example one might choose Tea as the odd man out because Salt, Poison, and Volcano’s can be harmful to human beings.

What word would you choose as the odd man out and why?



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