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The OG Weekender: 4.13.2012

BY: ON April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!  AAAAGGGGHHH The horror.  Don’t waste your day worrying about the horrible things that are bound to happen to you as a result of this bad luck date.  Instead spend your time reading through this collection of internet awesomeness curated by  The Ohlmann Group.

Apocalypse Now? – A zombie apocalypse would be really bad luck for those of us living humans.  With today being Friday the 13th, it might be good to be on high alert. That said, if luck is about preparation, you can be prepared for surviving this scenario with help from Map of the Dead.  This website is built on an interactive map that will give you key information like where the nearest liquor store, campground, airport, and doctor’s offices are located.

Sign of The Apocalypse: Burger King is apparently launching a Bacon topped sundae.  For some this may be a sign from heaven.  For those who may be slightly more health conscious, this does appear to be a possible sign of the apocalypse that will end humanity.  If you are willing to drive to Nashville you can be the judge.  Heck if some guy will drive for hours to eat a Dorito Taco at a distant Taco Bell, I have to believe that someone will make a lengthy pilgrimage for bacon.

Cleese Please: John Cleese is a comedic genius.  His creativity and brilliance have entertained us all for years.  Wondering what his secrets are?  Good news – he shares them with people.  Check out this post from Brain Pickings featuring a 1991 video in which John Cleese shares the 5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative.

SushiBot – Love Sushi?  Think you can’t possibly get enough sushi?  Well chow down without fear of having to wait for that next roll to be made thanks to SushiBot.  This new invention can apparently crank out 300 sushi rolls per hour.  That is a lot of wasabi my friends. Perhaps this will be coming to a sushi restaurant, stadium, or conference center, near you soon.

Trendy – Social media remains on a growth trajectory, as is indicated in this post from search engine watch that provides some great information about Worldwide Social Media Trends for 2012.  The post cites several research projects and studies to conclude that a lot of people like to use Facebook.  If that peaks your interest, check it out – it tells you a lot more too.

Good Luck and have a great weekend!


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